UPDATE: Colorado State Patrol Officer Clarifies Questions About "Sovereign Citizens" & "Targeting Christians"

by Michelle Morin


Colorado citizens were justifiably alarmed to hear that an outgoing Colorado State Patrol officer (who reportedly is changing his career path into the Department of Homeland Security) held an April 1st 2-hour training segment for Lamar-area local law enforcement describing its efforts defining and dealing with “sovereign citizens,” who allegedly were those who take the Bible “too seriously.”  See original posts here and here.

Here is a well-written and thoughtful update from Lamar’s Voices of Southeastern Colorado, which yesterday met with Colorado State Patrol officer Captain Laurence Hilton.  Captain Hilton attended the same training as Sheriff Trowbridge.

From My American Diary, by Christy Lynn in southeastern Colorado:


April 9th 2013 Prowers County, Colorado Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge attended the local Lamar  group Voices of Southeastern Colorado.  Ron stood behind his statements in the e-mail.  Ron also made it very clear that he supported the Colorado State Patrol and feels the troopers are a group of people to be respected.  Ron has several friends, people he knows personally who are employed by the Colorado State Patrol.  It was apparent that Ron is a heartfelt Christian man who follows the rule of law and the constitution.   It left a feeling of unclear definitions that had the need to be clarified.  Why Christians, why people who believe the bible literally and why people who possess the belief system that the constitution had been written based on Christian principles, are to be of question?  Another word that was in need of clarification was “sovereign citizen”.

When coupled with the most resent release of the Department of Defense releasing the newest list of potential terrorist as being Christians, red flags started raising.  DHS  has a history of releasing such lists.  Add on to this, in general society  “Christian beliefs” have also been used in many forms of negative condemnation.  While abortion and gay marriage activist hammer away at the morals and principles of Christians, many are left with strong feelings of frustrations.  These issues are to be swept under the carpet in order to gain footing for political advancements by many of the “conservative” “liberal” and “libertarian” groups. There is no wonder on why someone would say…stop, wait a second, what is going on here and start asking why?  Why?   I believe Ron Trowbridge is such a man.  He wanted clarification as to “why”? Why are Christians being presented as a potential threat to this nation?

April 16th 2013 Captain Lawrence Hilton of the Colorado state patrol attended the regularly scheduled meeting of Voices of Southeastern Colorado in order to clarify the many questions. The captain had attended the same training Ron Trowbridge had.  Actually it was the second such training the Captain had attended of which Trooper Joe Kluczynski had presented.

To attempt to summarize this shortly:
There are pockets of groups out there that do use the word Christian in their titles that are not particularly complimentary to the Christian faith, who have shot and killed troopers.  Bottom line.  The extremist go beyond the generalized descriptions of Christians,  into a much deeper definition.  They  do not follow the rule of law as written.  Unfortunately this truth bears witness, even with this story.    Since the release of this story,  State Patrol “troopers” from across the state of Colorado have received “death threats”.  Do bible believing Christians do these things?  More to the point, anyone who wrote these “death threats” are doing anything but acting as a good Christian would, but they are still using the word “Christian” to validate their extremist and threatening behaviors.  Sad, hard pill to swallow, is it not?  Captain Hilton assured the attentive audience that “Christians ” are not being targeted by the Colorado State Patrol.  There was more to this training than the word “Christian”.   In the same notion the word “sovereign citizen”  has it’s extremist groups that follow much the same line.

I still have questions, but not towards the Sheriff or the Colorado State Patrol, I respect both tremendously.  My questions still linger with the DHS.  I  would like to know why the “extremist” never seem to include any of the leftist extremist groups?  Why not the “atheist” extremist groups?  Why not the Occupy extremist?  Just a bit perplexing for me. Perhaps these “potential extremist” have been on list that I have overlooked?

I feel very fortunate to live in a community where these issues can be openly discussed in a civil manner.  I appreciate  Ron Trowbridge for his  presence of mind to question what he had heard and share openly his thoughts.   I appreciate Lawrence Hilton for presenting many answers and clarifications.  It is a good time in America, to live in small town USA where questions can be asked, and answers can be given.  Thank you gentlemen for your courage to stand and your commitment to serve and  protect as well as your respect for our constitution.
Blessings to all.  Christy Dobrovolny

This has been written in response to the story that has gone viral, found here.

Thank you, Christy!

I hope my readers of faith will be praying for all our state and local law enforcement officers as Colorado continues to enter legally “confusing” times and as the rule of law is deliberately transformed into chaotic contradictions by our unleashed leftist lawmakers.  It’s law enforcement who will unfortunately be choosing between enforcing Constitutional rule of law and new laws which contradict our Constitutional principles and which make criminals out of innocents.

May God bless Colorado and all of Colorado’s law enforcement.


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