Too Many Americans in Uniform Are Being Murdered on Our Own Soil – Michelle Morin Show 12/8/2019

An American flag symbolic of support for law enforcement.

Whether it’s law enforcement or our US servicemen and women, too many Americans in uniform are being murdered on our own soil.

Last weekend across the nation, 3 law enforcement officers were murdered, and 3 American servicemen were murdered in cold blood by a terrorist (with accomplices) at the Pensacola Naval Base.  One of the law enforcement officers took multiple fatal rounds, but survived long enough to identify the suspect before succumbing to his wounds.  Likewise, one of those who perished at Pensacola also took 5 bullets, but also survived long enough to identify the suspect before passing.  These men are heroes who shouldn’t have had to die on our own soil.

As I see it, this means nothing less than there is a bona fide war against us which is happening within our own borders.  This is an increasing trend and a growing crisis.  Yet, nobody seems to be saying much about it.  Why isn’t Big Media talking about this?  That’s okay, because we are.

Listen as Jason Hunt, Bazzel Baz, and I pay tribute to these most recent fallen heroes.

There have been some intense recent attacks on Christianity:

  • ChickFilA has been donating to Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • And the US Army won’t let soldiers print Bible verses on the back of their dog tags???

But there’s also a lot of great news:

  • President Trump more than makes up for this trending cowardice at the lighting of the White House Christmas tree, boldly proclaiming the true meaning of Christmas.
  • And there are Sheriffs around the country herehere, and here who are real heroes, willing to stand between tyranny and we the people.

Listen as Jason, Baz, and I talk about all this and then close out the show with knee-slapping humor from a Jeffrey Epstein meme come to life at Walmart (see below).

As promised, here is the funniest Epstein meme ever, h/t PJ Media.

And here is the footage from the 2019 Democratic Socialist Convention which we played back in today’s show:

And that, my friends, is just a fraction of what Big Media won’t tell you.  Tune in next week for more….

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