Tired of Voting for Good Candidates that Lose??? Join me Thursday….

mm tonya show 6-16-11

Have you been voting faithfully, yet your favorite candidates continue to lose elections? 

Do you care about the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election?

If you answered “yes” to either, then YOU have a stake in embracing the power of social media during my Thursday discussion of social media and its role in politics. 

Join me as I guest-host The Tonya Hall Show Thursday  1300am Sports Animal 11:00-Noon MDT .  719-593-7242

While THE “Social Media Queen” Tonya Hall is out traveling the world, seeking innovative new ways to embrace the power of social media, I’m privileged to be guest hosting at her microphone!

We’ll discuss and learn the role social media has, is, and will play in the elections in which YOU vote.  Also about the successes and failures of political campaigns using social media (or not), and what both the voter and campaigner can do to win the next election.  Tune in and find out how the power of social media will undoubtedly impact YOUR next vote.   


My Guest Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson is Technology Advisor for www.CivicForumPAC.com, and Publisher and Chief Technologist for www.ProjectVirigina.com.

Steve Pearson

Mr. Pearson is a Republican strategist and technology expert on the critical nexus of communication, new media technology and civic activism, drawing on two decades in the private sector creating, marketing and operating innovative digital services including electronic banking, mobile information services, and digital entertainment communities.

In 2008, Mr. Pearson directed the Farm & Ranch national coalition team for the McCain-Palin 2008 presidential campaign, which gave him first-hand insight into the opportunities for integrating digital communication, social media and voter outreach.

Steve started in politics at a very local level, when he was elected to serve on the Board of Education in Ridgefield, Connecticut. During his tenure, Mr. Pearson emphasized the importance of fiscally sound budgeting and the need to improve the transparency of public decision-making. Despite being the youngest and least politically experienced member of the board, Mr. Pearson was successful in challenging long-standing assumptions and shifting the budget planning process to a more open and rational course.

Mr. Pearson is a frequent contributor to American Spectator and The Daily Caller and writes a monthly column, “Down Home Digital” in Campaign & Elections magazine on how small campaigns can use new media effectively. Mr. Pearson’s practical insights come from his ongoing work advising numerous state and local campaigns at the communications firm CivicNEXT, which advises political campaigns and advocacy organizations on the effective implementation of new media communication and voter outreach.

Mr. Pearson earned his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and an MBA degree from Georgetown University.


Thursday’s Tonya Hall Radio Show is

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Embrace the power of social media!

I’m going to open up the phone lines tomorrow, give me a call and join the conversation to discuss more about the power of social media.

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Thanks Tonya!


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