This Labor Day, Set out a Chair and Celebrate Obama's-No-Jobs Empty ChairDay


Wikipedia defines Labor Day like this:

“Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. … Labor Day was adopted as Labor Sunday and dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the labor movement.”

Gag as the eyes roll.

However, the truth about Labor Day is more like this, and fellow blogger Jonathan Cousar at Freedom Torch says it best:

Actually, labor day should be called Marxist Indoctrination Day.  It’s roots are deeply anchored in Marxist thought.

Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto in 1848. The first Labor Day in the United States was observed in 1882 – just 34 years later.  And guess who promoted and sponsored this first Labor Day?  The CENTRAL LABOR UNION of New York!

Just like now, even then the labor unions had already become front organizations for the budding Communist movement.   Under the guise of “helping labor”, the labor unions were nothing more than organizations promoting Marxist ideas like the “workers’ struggle”, “worker exploitation”, the “unfairness” of the capialist system, and the “inequality” of capitalism.  These are central tenets of Communist/Marxist thought and the labor unions were the “community organizers” working to gin up hatred towards capitalism.  They were the actual muscle fueling and promoting the Communist movement.  And they still are.

The fact that today few people draw any connections between the words “LABOR Day” and “labor unions” and Communist thought is a testament to just how deeply Marxists (usually called liberals or progressives to disguise their true identity) have taken over our Child Indoctrination Centers (usually called public schools)!

How about celebrating this Labor Day Obama’s-No-Jobs Day with an empty chair?

Considering Clint Eastwood’s classic “Empty Chair” speech at last week’s 2012 Republican National Convention, perhaps a better way to celebrate Labor Day Obama’s-No-Jobs Day this year would be with a chair:  Empty Chair Day.  Found this photo on Facebook, when I find who created it I’ll give proper credit right here.

If you do this, take a photo of your chair and share it!

Happy No-Jobs EMPTY CHAIR Day!

From the Bureau of Labor and Statistics July 2012 Jobs Report:

  • 700,000 unemployed men
  • 750,000 unemployed women
  • …and more sad jobs data here.


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