The Kremlin Has No Comment

President Obama and Russian President Medveded - Warming Up?

“Never trust a communist.  Never.”  These are words from a friend who grew up in a communist nation and experienced first-hand the oppression and atrocities such a government wields.   

Younger readers may not realize that modern-day Russia is a former communist nation that called itself the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  “Former” communists from the USSR still hold positions of power in Russia.  (Former President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is one of them.) 

According to a November 30th Wall Street Journal report by Jonathan Weisman, earlier this spring Russia may have moved tactical warheads near borders of NATO allies, contrary to arms-reducing pledges they have made.  It’s really not clear how many tactical nuclear weapons Russia actually has, we only know what they tell us.  For what that’s worth. 

The bordering NATO-member states are justifiably alarmed that Russia has again positioned tactical nuclear weapons nearby, obviously these missiles pose a greater threat to them than longer-range missiles. 

From the WSJ article, here’s what some wiser American leaders say:

“Sen. Jim Risch, an Idaho Republican, spoke of “troubling” intelligence about Russia without saying what it was, adding it ‘directly affects’ the arms-control debate.”

“Sen. Christopher Bond (R., Mo.), vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, refused to comment directly on the tactical nuclear warhead issue, but he said the Russians cannot be trusted to make good on their arms-control promises. ‘We know from published reports of the State Department that the Russians have cheated on all their other treaties, Start, chemical weapons, [biological weapons].’ “

But as long as President Obama is “warming up” to leaders of former communist countries, maybe we’ll all be okay:

“U.S. officials say Mr. Obama’srevised approach to missile defense, and warming personal ties with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, have fostered cooperation in key areas, from isolating Iran to opening new routes to transport gear to Afghanistan.”

(My note: So, we’ve isolated Iran into a non-threat?  That’s another post for another day…)

I suppose it doesn’t matter how many warheads the Russians have, as long as they aren’t actually sitting on or next to the launch pads, we should all feel peace about that… right?

“Some officials said the movements are a concern but sought to play down the threat. Russian nuclear warheads are stored separately from their launching systems, U.S. officials say.”

What do we hear from our Russian friends?

“The Kremlin had no immediate comment.”

Well gee, THAT all makes me feel better.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s new branch of “national security,” the TSA, makes a mockery of the United States on the world’s stage.  While warming up to former communists, the President subjects the very people he is to be protecting to bureaucratically sanctioned and legalized molestation and pornification through the TSA airport security screenings. 

“Never trust a communist.”  Very simple words our President would heed if freedom and national security mean anything to him. 

Full WSJ article here

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