The Dancer and The Leader

Once again, we are painfully reminded of the current world stage, and the weak, leaderless role our President is playing us to be. 

On Monday, November 8th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again gave a strong, brave speech outlining and confronting the current threats to overall world peace, Israel, and the United States.  PM Netanyahu spoke at the Jewish Federations of the North America in New Orleans. 

Whenever I hear words from real leaders… men and women who understand the world in which we live… who are unafraid to call evil by its name… and who are brave enough to confront it… I LISTEN.  PM Netanyahu is one of those men. 

Words from a leader…

Here, some excerpts from PM Netanyahu’s speech clearly stating who and what is the greatest danger to all of us:

“The greatest danger facing Israel and the world is the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran.  Iran threatens to annihilate Israel.  It denies the Holocaust.  It sponsors terror.  It confronts America in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It dominates Lebanon and Gaza.  It establishes beachheads in Arabia and in Africa.  It even spreads its influence into this hemisphere, into South America. 

Now, this is what Iran is doing without nuclear weapons.  Imagine what it would do with them.  Imagine the devastation that its terror proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas and others, would wreak under an Iranian nuclear umbrella. ”

“Containment will not work against Iran.”

And then PM Netanyahu very simply explains how the greatest threats confront us, and his vision for his nation’s destiny:

“History shows that the most advance weapons were usually developed by the most advanced societies.  Yet today, primitive and barbaric tyrannies that stone women, hang gays, promote terror worldwide, send bombs to synagogues, and advance the most fanatical doctrines can acquire nuclear weapons.  If not stopped, this means that the greatest nightmare of all – nuclear terrorism – can become a reality.  The civilized world must not let that happen.

As we continue to build a modern and democratic Israel and as we seek peace with all our neighbors, we must also warn the world about this formidable peril.  In standing up for modernity against medievalism, the Jewish people and the Jewish state play a vital role in securing our common civilization.  And by helping dispel the shadows of a dark despotism, we can truly fulfill our destiny to be a beacon of light and progress unto all the nations.”

Compare that to the Dancer…

Meanwhile, our own President shows his cool dance moves with children in India, but breaks long enough to judge Israel’s construction affairs.  From the 11/09/10 New York Times article “In Curt Exchange, U.S. Faults Israel on Housing,” here are our President’s busy-body words:

“When asked in about Israel’s plans for 1,000 housing units for a contested part of East Jerusalem, Mr. Obama said, ‘This kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations.  I’m concerned that we’re not seeing each side make the extra effort involved to get a breakthrough,’ the president added during his visit to Indonesia.”

So… the cool dancing traveler tells the brave world leader that his activity is “never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations.”  Really, Mr. President???  I suppose that your dancing demo will shore up cool points for you when you stop dancing long enough to “negotiate” with those very real threats who call our nation the “Great Satan,” and who threaten to wipe Israel off the map.   

And my daughter says, “Too bad…”

What an embarrassment.  It’s no wonder that, as I was writing this entry, my daughter walked up and commented, “Too bad Netanyahu isn’t our President.” 

I can’t wait until 2012. 


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