"The Blueprint" – A Must Read

If you haven’t yet read the book The Blueprint: How Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care), then you need to.  Co-author Adam Schrager was the keynote speaker in Colorado Springs last night.  He and co-author Rob Witwer have researched and compiled the story and details behind the progressive takeover of Colorado and several other government bodies across the nation. 

Read the book.  If you have opportunity to hear either Mr. Schrager or Mr. Witwer speak, do it.  You will know why it’s imperative that every citizen who loves freedom must become a foot soldier for freedom starting right now.  The way it’s always been done is now a laughable mouse wheel of insanity.  The rules of this game have changed dramatically, and if we’re going to have any hopes to play and win for freedom, we have to know this new game well. 

At this very moment, I can say this with confidence:   The Republican party won’t make it happen…  Conservative organizations and think tanks won’t make it happen…  Conservative candidates, activists, pundits, talk show hosts, bloggers… none of these can make it happen on their own.  It will take a concerted, unified effort between every freedom loving citizen, organization, and candidate. 

It requires a long term focus.  It requires taking personal ownership of our local communities, state, and nation.  It requires a long term and patient understanding that candidates come and candidates go.   It requires looking beyond our candidates of choice during these contentious and often times destructive primary battles.  It requires steadfast commitment to the vision of freedom.  

It requires letting go of blame… and instead, discovering and appropriating our own individual responsibility in making victory happen for freedom.  Individual responsibility… isn’t that what made this nation great in the first place? 


Special thanks to Adam Schrager for driving all the way to Colorado Springs to educate us last night.  He is a candid and extremely well-informed author and speaker on the subject. 

Special thanks also to the Mason Jar Restaurant for allowing us to pop the walls out with our packed-in crowd.  Not only was it standing-room only, but some of us were sitting on the floor!

Special thanks to all who came out in the rainy weather to join us… you’re the ones who will make it happen. 


Now let’s get through these primaries and get ready to take it all back.

Event photos taken with my iPhone, with a less than steady hand.  (Can’t they put an image stabilizer on these things???)

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