Health Care Exchanges PART 9 >>> Exchanges UnderCut Republican Congressional Goal to Unfund ObamaCare

“The Path to Prosperity – Restoring America’s Promise” is the fiscal year 2012 budget resolution published by the House Committe on the Budget Chairman Paul Ryan(R) of Wisconsin.  Congressional Republicans are Fighting to Repeal and Defund ObamaCare A key objective of Congressman Ryan’s resolution is to repeal and defund ObamaCare: “PATIENT-CENTERED HEALTH …

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ObamaCare: Setting the Stage for its Own Repeal

This article also appears in the December issue of The Constitutionalist Today.  Officially known as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” America is quickly learning that ObamaCare is nothing its title touts it to be, and it is effectually setting its own stage for repeal.  ObamaCare is the most …

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