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I'll Be Speaking at the 2013 Conservative Call to Action Forum — 3/23/13 in Colorado Springs

Conservative Call to Action presents The 2013 Issues and Action Forum in Colorado Springs Saturday March 23, 2013 ————————————— Featuring Dinesh D’Souza – Author of New York Times Bestseller “2016: Obama’s America.”  Dinesh will be speaking about the role of Christianity in America. Wild Bill for America – YouTube sensation. If you …

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Pick Your Power Tool

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It’s long overdue.  It’s been January since I’ve hosted my last complete Political Power Tools workshop. America’s ideology and freedom are under constant assault.  If you haven’t felt the “choke” on freedom yet, it won’t take long for you to start gasping for air.  The assaults against freedom in America aren’t …

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Let's Talk about the TSA and our Constitution

  Learn more. Read my full article “Which is Superior: Invasive Fingers or our Constitution?” here. Comments and feedback always welcome. Michelle Morin is Mom4Freedom, a conservative blogger, speaker, and patriot for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for valuable freedom updates here.

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