So Exactly Who is Winning?

So our President won’t call it a “war on terror,”  yet we’re losing something

The TSA naked body scanners and invasive “pat-down” body groping measures have brought America to a new low in both our history, and in the war on terror.  (I call it like it is, regardless of the weak rhetoric and stand our President takes.) 

While terrorists are constantly and shrewdly devising new methods of targeting us, they are also snickering on the side as droves of American citizens are subjected to horrific invasions of privacy that would make our founding fathers turn over in their graves.  Daily we’re hearing about someone else who was legally molested, exposed, or filmed… all in the name of national security. 

We’ve been brought to this embarrassingly ineffective method of “national security” because of political correctness, the now-literal hand of bigger government, and progressively weaker national security decisions .  That and more.  

Now, CBS polling shows Americans support the new procedures.  Of course, the TSA website is full of rhetoric supporting their new moves. According to the polling article:

“While the TSA has implemented new security measures, it does not single out individuals based on their ethnic or racial backgrounds. (It has since 2003 conducted behavioral profiling.)

Most Americans do not think it would be justified for people of certain racial or ethnic groups to be subject to additional security checks at airport checkpoints. Fifty-two percent say no, while 37 percent say it would be justified.”

Get real. 

These are serious times with serious threats.  Instead of our government seriously targeting the threats against us, it is degrading us and everything we stand for to an embarrassing atrocity.  It’s an atrocity that brings victory to the wrong side in this war on terror.

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