Show Kelly's Video To All Your Liberal Friends


My co-patriot Kelly Maher attended the union rally and “tea party” counter-rally that was held at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver on February 22, 2011.   

According to friends who were there, Colorado State Troopers formed a line between the two “camps” to keep them separated. 

The tea party side had a great time reuniting and standing together once again for freedom.  However, the union side… well, it’s best to let Kelly share their side. Watch the video on YouTube or here: 

Watch the video:


This Says it All

I posted this on my facebook page, and I think one of my facebook friends said it best when he commented: 

“It’s sad to see people take pride in being a loser.”

Yep. And it’s even worse when these people vote and put like-minded leaders into power.

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