Regarding Health Care, an Urgent Call to Action —> PRAY

On Friday I was on a teleconference in which the participants included a Senatorial staff member, several health care professionals/experts, and various grassroots organizations from around the country… all folks who understand the status and reality of the ongoing legislative health care debate.  The consensus of the call was this:  a health care bill in some form will come to the Senate floor for a full debate sometime next week (week of 10/04/09), with an ensuing vote on health care likely by the end of October.  To understand how the Democrats will maneuver this relentless wile of bulldozing nationalized health care into our lives, read “11 Senators Who Must Vote NO on Healthcare – Call Them Today!” 

Essentially, we’re getting down to the wire on this battle.  Remember, it really isn’t a battle about health care, per se.  From the beginning, this has been about an agenda to gain irreversible, freedom-choking, state control of the American citizen.  Nationalizing health care is quite possibly the choicest item on the socialist menu… they may try to re-wrap or re-label the health care package, but it’s still 100% socialism in the end. 

From mere human perspective, it may appear that the Democratic health care strategy could be poised to succeed.  But nothing happens in this life without the Almighty granting such permission.  So, just a gentle request (or reminder):  if you love this great nation, our freedoms, and our founding principles… and if you haven’t been doing so already… I encourage everyone who reads this to pray and humbly ask God specifically to intervene and thwart the effort at socializing our nation’s health care.  The stakes are too high not to. 

No matter how it appears, never give up… anything can happen.  (And don’t forget to call those Senators!)

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