The President Demonizes America's Good Old Days of Pre-Financial Crisis

The President’s socialist agenda is no secret to anyone halfway familiar with that economic and political system.  He’s more brazen about it each time he speaks.

However, one might expect that a cunning socialist (i.e., one who is “fundamentally transforming” a capitalist nation into a socialist one), would smoothly and seductively paint the new socialist transformation as “good,” and the capitalist system as “bad.”  Not the other way around.

Listen carefully

The President spoke Monday in South Carolina pushing his “jobs bill.”  This time, the demagogue-in-chief predictably demonizes Republicans as lovers of dirty air and water, and who yearn to deprive the helpless of health insurance… blah-blah-blah, those evil ones.  Right on cue.

Then, amazingly, he admits the truth.  He says that rolling back the reforms which he and his socialist cronies “put into place” would take America back to the “good old days before the financial crisis,” when the freer market wrote “its own rules.”

Watch him say it here

Did you catch it?  Here’s what he said:

“Their [the Republicans’] plan says we should go back to the good old days before the financial crisis when Wall Street was writing its own rules. They want to roll back all the reforms that we put into place.”

The President knows exactly what he’s doing and what it means to America

He doesn’t want the “good old days” of choice, free markets, and prosperous Americans.  His goal is clear.

Not only does he routinely demonize Republicans.  He has just publicly demonized freedom.

He said it.  Like a true socialist Marxist.

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