ObamaCare Update 2-6-11

Over 123,000 Facebook users receive freedom updates from my online cause Restore Freedom Now. Posted here is the February 6, 2011 udpate.

It’s Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday today, and because the Great Communicator knew ObamaCare was coming, watch/listen to “Ronald Reagan Speaks out Against Socialized Medicine:”

ObamaCare in the Courts

Federal Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional

The White House Responds to Justice Vinson’s Ruling on Health Care

Mark Levin AUDIO: Obama Cannot Continue to Implement ObamaCare

ObamaCare in Congressional Repeal

GOP plans ‘unrelenting’ healthcare repeal effort, even after Senate defeat

ObamaCare Repeal Analysis

10 Ways the GOP Can Take Down Healthcare

Obamacare: Down, but by no means out

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