Netanyahu to the President: Take 3 Reality Pills Because it's Not Gonna Happen

 Because courage in this world is worth noting, here are both the video and excerpts from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s live “discussion” with President Obama on May 20, 2011, two days after President Obama attempted to politically and geographically gut Israel.

It was a courageous statesman of a “small, great nation” professionally delivering the history lesson and current realities while squarely thumping our President’s position.  To his face and in front of the world. 

The Video



Real Peace – Not Your Brand of Illusion, Mr. President

“Israel wants peace.  I want peace.  What we all want is a peace that will be genuine, that will hold, that will endure … peace based on illusion will crash events on the rocks of middle eastern reality.”

“The only peace that will endure is one based on reality and unshakable facts.”

Got Reality?  Got Peace – 3 Realities 

“I think for there to be peace, the Palestinians will have to accept some basic realities:”

  1. “While Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it can’t go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are indefensible and don’t take into account certain demographic changes on the ground that have taken place over last 44 years.”
  2. “Israel can’t negotiate with a Palestinian government that is backed by Hamas … a terrorist organization committed to Israel’s destruction that has fired thousands of rockets on our cities, on our children, it’s recently a yellow tank rocket into a school bus killing a 6 year old boy.  Hamas has just attacked you Mr. President, and the United States, for ridding the world of bin laden.  So Israel can’t be asked to negotiate with a government t that is backed by a Palestinian version of Al Qaeda. “
  3. “The Palestinian refugee problem will have to be resolved in the context of a Palestinian state, but certainly not in the borders of Israel.  The Arab attack in 1948 on Israel resulted in two refugee problems.  A Palestinian refugee problem and Jewish refugees … who were expelled from Arab lands.  Now, Tiny Israel absorbed Jewish refugees, but the vast Arab world refused to absorb the Palestinian refugees.  Now 63 years later, the Palestinians come to us and they say to Israel, ‘accept the grandchildren and great grandchildren of these refugees,’ thereby wiping out Israel’s future as a Jewish state.”

It’s Not Gonna Happen

“It’s not gonna happen.  Everybody knows it’s not gonna happen.  And I think it’s time to tell the Palestinians forthrightly, “it’s not gonna happen.”  The Palestinian refugee problem has to be resolved, it can be resolved, and it will be resolved if the Palestinians choose to do so and the Palestinians says it’s a real possibility, but it’s not gonna be resolved within a Jewish state. 

“… to pursue a real genuine peace between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors and a peace that’s defensible.”

“… the ancient nation of Israel, we’ve been around for almost 4000 years.  … I can say that even … at the nadir of the valley of death we never lost hope and we never lost our dream of reestablishing a sovereign state in our ancient homeland, the land of native Israel.”

Mr. President, Your False Brand of Peace Won’t Happen on My Watch

“And now it falls on my shoulders, as the Prime Minister of Israel, at time of extraordinary instability and uncertainty in the Middle East, to work with you to fashion a peace that will ensure Israel’s security and will not jeopardize its survival.  I take this responsibility with pride, but with great humility, because as I told you in our conversation, we don’t have a lot of margin for error.  And because, Mr. President, history will not give the Jewish people another chance.

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