The Michelle Morin Show 1/7/2018

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Here’s my show from 1/7/2018.  It’s divided into 4 segments, so you may listen to only the parts you want, or the entire show – your choice!   Please leave your feedback and comments in the comments section below!

Segment 1:  THIS is why ObamaCare must die in its entirety:  Britain’s health care system has gone “third-world,” as the NHS has cancelled 50,000 “non-urgent” surgeries, closed outpatient clinics, and “blacked out” 10 hospitals.  Ambulance queues wait up to 12 hours before patients can be seen in Britain’s emergency rooms.  

Segment 2:  The left is furious, because our President is doing good things for America that we could not have even dreamt he would do.  How many refugees have been admitted to the United States since President Trump has been in office?  What kind of economic improvements have occurred in that same time?  

Segment 3:  I have chosen solidarity with the Iranian women who are bravely protesting their government, unlike the leftist women in our own nation who remain silent unless they’re griping about President Trump while wearing pussy hats and vagina costumes.  New book “Fire and Fury” blasts President Trump with lies, listen to hostile CNN’s Jake Tapper refuse to allow Trump advisor Stephen Miller to refute the lies in the book.  

Segment 4:  The NorthEast “cyclone bomb” must have the Sierra Club in knots, as coal plants are now needed for heating homes.  A Wisconsin middle school gives students a “White Privilege” Test.  A tribute to fallen Douglas County CO Sheriff’s Deputy Zachary Parrish.  


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