Memorial Day 2012: Honoring the Fallen Who Died for Our Freedom

Arlington Graves - Common Use

Their deaths weren’t for naught.

They died for freedom in the most exceptional nation in history.  Their service to their country and their deaths have been noble and worthy and honorable, and I personally thank God for their courage and service.

Honor the Fallen here.

Here is a link from the Military Times, which lists our most recent fallen heroes from Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn, including a summary of The People Behind the Sacrifice.  The site also includes a searchable database with listings of our fallen by year and month.

The site’s Hall of Valor “contains 104,246 valor award citations of heroes from the U.S. armed services of an estimated 350,000 awards above the Bronze Star. If an individual is not listed in our database it does not mean they did not receive a claimed honor as other awards represent a work-in-progress.”

May God bless America, the memories of her fallen, and their families who have lost so much.


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