How Do You and Your Sheriff Fight Crime with Social Media? Join me FRIDAY

Can social media be successfully used to fight crime?


Join me Friday on The Tonya Hall Show.

I’ll be joined by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department to talk about how the Sheriff is using social media to fight crime, and how you can connect with the Sheriff online to assist in his endeavors to keep El Paso County safe.

Join El Paso County Sheriff Public Information Officer Lieutenant Lari Sevene and me to talk about fighting crime with the Sheriff using social media when I guest-host the Tonya Hall Show:

The Tonya Hall Show 

Friday 9/16/11 

11:00am – Noon Mountain Time

1300am Sports Animal   

Call us live with questions at 719-593-7242.


While THE “Social Media Queen” Tonya Hall is out traveling the world, seeking innovative new ways to embrace the power of social media, I’m privileged to be guest hosting at her microphone.

Every weekday at Sports Animal 1300am

1:00pm Eastern Time / 11:00am Mountain Time

Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger, speaker, and patriot for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for valuable freedom updates here.

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