Blasphemy Laws Rule Europeans and Have Taken Root with America’s Lawmakers

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She was merely seeking a synonym for “pedophilia.”  Next thing, she was in court facing a judge for a hate speech crime.  And get this:  it was a journalist who recorded her and ratted on her.  Meet Elisabeth Wolff, a “Freedom of Speech Fundamentalist.”  

Elisabeth was asked to speak to a small group about Islam in 2009.  During her speech, she was trying to determine what to call “pedophilia” in an Islamic-to-European context.  In court for hate crimes, the judge couldn’t find convincing evidence that Elisabeth had been “hateful.”  Instead, the creative judge convicted her of “denigrating religious feelings and sensitivities.”  (Because, of course, that bad word “pedophilia” that’s really supposed to be the new good, but we all know it’s not, so we just shan’t say it at all for fear of hurting a pedophile’s feelings.)  Elisabeth’s been convicted, officially silenced, and fighting it ever since.

Listen as Elisabeth shares her story and explains why the European Union’s blasphemy laws have been perniciously silencing and intimidating all Europeans from speaking truth about the transformation of their culture and legal system, with particularly favorable protection for one tyrannical religion:  Islam.  Because of it, Elisabeth explains how there’s really no need for gulags or concentration camps in Europe.  The EU’s blasphemy laws serve essentially the same oppressive purpose against anyone who is not Islamic.

Pay close attention to her warnings for us Americans.  Elisabeth is doing us a great favor by speaking about her experience.  She shares the very recent history (as in 3 years ago, in 2015) of how Democrats have and will be again trying to pass House Resolution 569, which would bring us the same blasphemy laws that have criminalized Elisabeth.  It’s not a dead bill, it’s merely a sleeping monster which the Democrats will use against Americans, given the next opportunity to pass the bill.  Too bad Big Media has never bothered to tell us about it!  Listen here:

To learn more about Elisabeth’s case and find out how you can support her legal battle, go to  Elisabeth’s story is also here, at

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