Defenders of Capitalism

Mike Williams, founder of Defenders of Capitalism, was the keynote speaker at the April Coalition for a Conservative Majority meeting on April 6, 2010 in Colorado Springs.  Mike is a regular instructor for the Leadership Program of the Rockies in Colorado. 

Ever wonder why capitalism gets such a bad reputation amongst progressives and even some who call themselves conservatives?  Ever wonder why it’s so easy for their words to damage capitalism?  It’s because, generally speaking, we Americans don’t understand the fundamentals of capitalism:  what it is, why it is moral, how it works, when it has succeeded (hint: every time government stays out of it), where it exists. 

Capitalism has been the target of much liberal scorn:  it’s evil, it fosters greed, et cetera.   Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Here’s something to chew on, from Mike’s course:  As defenders of capitalism, should our argument be based on the “size” of government?  Or should it be based on the “role” of government?  Which is the more critical issue when it comes to protecting capitalism and freedom?  Why?  Who do you think framed this particular debate? 

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