"Cleave fast to the vision of your founders." [VIDEO]

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Is America like the drunk remaining drunk in order to postpone his hangover?

Daniel Hannan, Conservative member of the MEP, spoke at the Hillsdale College 2o11 Free Market Forum.  Below is his speech, “The New Road to Serfdom: Lessons to Learn from European Policy.”  It’s worth the time to watch.

Some Hannan quotes:

“As a drunk postpones his hangover by remaining drunk….” <gotta watch to hear the entire analogy>

“People are wiser than their leaders.”

“Occupy… has picked the wrong target…”

“Cleave fast to the vision of your founders.”

Here’s Hannan’s entire speech.

Mr. Hannan understands more about freedom and America’s founding principles than most American lawmakers.


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Creative Commons License photo credit: Joseph Mikos

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