Attend the Patriot Academy in Austin, TX July 30 – August 4, 2012

Patriot Academy Founder Rick Green

The Patriot Academy is led and founded by my friend Rick Green.  Rick understands and communicates our nation’s founding principles like no other.  I highly recommend this bootcamp.  If I can make it to this bootcamp, I’ll be there.  Seating is limited, sign up soon.  

Do you want to make a difference in your community and nation? Are you interested in government, but uncertain of how to get involved? Do you want to learn more about how the legislative process works, and about the principles on which America was founded?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you are invited to Patriot Academy!

Patriot Academy is a six-day student leadership and political training program where students learn about America’s system of government from a Biblical worldview. Each summer, young people from around the nation come to the Texas State Capitol to form a fully functioning mock legislative body, drafting legislation, debating bills and passing laws.

Students participate in fast-paced, interactive workshops on media relations, public speaking, campaigning techniques and the Founding Fathers’ philosophy of government.

Current and former elected officials and experts share their personal experience in government and discuss today’s most relevant issues.

Today, Patriot Academy is the premier conservative political training camp in the nation, training young people to effectively engage in every aspect of government, whether as an elected official or an active citizen. As our students are equipped to effect change for the issues that matter most to them, Patriot Academy is fulfilling its vision to raise up a new generation to lead the change in America.

How to Apply

Today, Patriot Academy is the premier conservative political training camp in the nation, training young people to effectively engage in every aspect of government, whether as an elected official or an active citizen. As our students are equipped to effect change for the issues that matter most to them, Patriot Academy is fulfilling its vision to raise up a new generation to lead the change in America.

Apply online here.

More About This Incredible One-Week Leadership Bootcamp

What is Patriot Academy?

Patriot Academy is a six-day leadership and political training camp for students ages 16 – 25 and is held each summer in Austin, TX. Students experience the political process from the inside out as they file legislation, debate bills, campaign for office and pass laws. In addition, students are trained in media skills, public speaking, leadership, today’s issues and America’s heritage, all from a Biblical worldview. Conservative leaders from all areas of the political field mentor students through the process, sharing their experience and wisdom. To our knowledge, Patriot Academy it is the most realistic, week-long conservative political training available to students today. Click here to read:  Our History |  Our Vision | What Our Students Say.

Where is Patriot Academy held?

Students are housed at the DoubleTree Guest Suites, within walking distance of the Texas State Capitol. All training is held at the Capitol. Students use the Capitol committee rooms and meeting rooms and present their bills on the Floor of the Texas House of Representatives.

Arrival times and Transportation?

Schedule:  Students should arrive Monday, July 30th, by 1:00 PM to check into their hotel rooms. Arrival flights should arrive in Austin by 1 PM. Registration is from 1:15pm – 2:15pm. Orientation begins at 2:30pm.

The Week’s Session will end Saturday, August 4, at 12 PM.  Departure Flights should be scheduled for 2pm or later on Saturday.

We will have scheduled shuttles available to transport students from the Austin-Bergstrom airport to the DoubleTree Guest Suites. More transportation details are given to students after they have been accepted. Transportation form must be filled out by the student or parent and can be accessed on the student login page.

When is Patriot Academy held?

Patriot Academy has typically been held for five days each summer. This year, we are expanding to 6 days of training for the full body of legislators. Patriot Academy 2012 will be held from July 30- August 4 for all members.

Also New for the 2012 Session is our Adult Track Program, click here for more info.

What training does Patriot Academy provide?

Patriot Academy provides a hands-on, student-led political immersion.

Students will experience the political process by:

Presenting a bill
Running a committee meeting
Hearing bills
Debating conservatives and liberals on current issues
Voting on legislation
Building coalitions
Campaigning for office
Give speeches as a candidate

Students will learn practical skills, such as:

Public Speaking
Media relations
Giving a great interview
Building rapport
Connecting with any audience
Professional interactions
Discerning the truth
Identifying good legislation
Defending your beliefs

Students will learn foundational principles for governance, including:

The founding father’s vision for America
Proper role/God’s purpose for government
The foundation for our system of government
The role of the Constitution in the past and future
Principles of limited government
Statesmanship and values
Character and personal integrity

Students will hear about today’s most relevant issues from a Christian worldview, including:

Sanctity of Life
Traditional Marriage
Second Amendment Rights
Church and State Relations
Freedom of Speech
Parental Rights
Stem Cell Research
Individual Liberties

Students will receive practical advice and training from:

State Representatives
Policy Advisors
School board members
City councilmen
Campaign Staff
Concerned citizens who are making a difference

What does a typical day at Patriot Academy look like?

After a day of initial training and orientation, the schedule is typically:

Committee Meeting
Floor Session
Committee Meeting
Floor Session

This is only a general representation of a schedule, the events for each day vary. We start early in the morning and go till late at night.

What roles can a student hold?

Most students play the role of a State Representative at the Academy, writing bills, participating in committee meetings and debating on the floor of the House. Senior students play the role of Senators. Alumni may be selected as chairmen for their assigned committee. The Academy is presided over by a student-elected Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House.

What is the difference between the House and the Senate?

From 2003 to 2008, all students were members of the House of Representatives. In 2009, we added a Senate. The Senate is a special leadership body at the Academy, comprised of hand-selected Patriot Academy alumni. To be eligible to apply for the Senate, students must be an alumni of Patriot Academy. Freshman will serve in the House of Representatives. Alumni are welcome to apply to either the House or the Senate.

All applications for House and Senate will be reviewed on an individual basis. Those who apply for the Senate may be selected to serve in the House or Senate, based on what the staff believes will be the place where they can serve best. Alumni will arrive in Austin early on July 30 before the Academy convenes on the afternoon of July 30. They will file their own Senatorial legislation, debate on the Senate floor and receive special one-on-one leadership training from the staff and cabinet in preparation for the Academy. Once the Academy convenes, they will be included in all activities open to the members of the House of Representatives, including time in committee and on the floor.

What is the age requirement for students to attend Patriot Academy?

Students must be 16-25 years old; age exceptions may be allowed under special circumstances. Pleasecontact us for more information. All requests are reviewed on an individual basis.

What are the guidelines for raising and submitting tuition?

To be effective in the political process, you must learn to raise money and convince others to invest in your cause. In order to give students the most realistic political experience possible, we ask that students raise their own tuition and fill out a tuition ethics form documenting all donations. Once students are accepted, we will send additional information to assist you in raising funds. To read tips on fundraising, please click here.

How much is tuition & when is tuition due?

A deposit of $50 is required within two weeks of being accepted for the 2012 Academy. The $50 deposit is included in the total tuition fee.

The tuition amount covers the student’s lodging, meals, and materials for the week.

Tuition Fees: July 30 – August 4, 2012

  • Tuition Rate: $995  (final tuition payment must be made by July 1st).

Partial scholarships are available on a limited basis. Please contact us for more information. All requests are reviewed on an individual basis.

How do I apply?

For information on applying, or to download an application, please click here.

We have 100 25 seats available for the 2012 Patriot Academy Session. We encourage you to apply early!

If a student is shy or intimidated by politics, is Patriot Academy right for them?

One of the great things about Patriot Academy is that the environment causes students to quickly build friendships and develop a “team” mentality. Just as in the real legislature, students end up finding their niche in a variety of roles. Some students love debating at the microphone while others enjoy working on the language of the bills. Since the students run their own committee meetings and floor sessions, it’s up to them how they choose to get involved. All we ask is that they come with an open mind. Some of our most hesitant freshman have found themselves so inspired by the experience that they couldn’t help but get involved and became some of our strongest leaders. To read what our students say about their experience at Patriot Academy, please click here.

How can freshmen prepare for Patriot Academy?

Upon acceptance to the Academy, your freshman will be emailed a Freshman Orientation Packet and Student Page login information. The packet will include information about how to file a bill, how to file for candidacy, logistical information and study materials. It will also contain an “Insider Information” file, compiled by our alumni with everything they wish they had known their first year at Patriot Academy. The packet will cover everything from what to wear to tips on how to present your bill. In addition, all freshman students will be assigned a staff member or alumnus as a “mentor” to guide them through the Patriot Academy process. Their mentor will be available to help the student prepare their bill, introduce them to other students and answer any questions they may have before or during the Academy.

What is the process for writing a bill?

Upon acceptance to the Academy, students will receive information on writing their bill. Their mentor will provide assistance as needed.

How does a student run for office?

Each student enters the Academy as a member of the House of Representatives or the Senate. The students of the Academy elect a Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House to preside over the Academy for the following year. For example, the students of Patriot Academy 2011 elected the leadership of Patriot Academy 2012. The students of Patriot Academy 2012 will elect the leadership of Patriot Academy 2013. Information on how to file as a candidate, along with protocol and requirements for campaigning, will be sent to students upon acceptance to the Academy. Students who are elected to office will return to Patriot Academy 2013 on full scholarship and serve in the cabinet as one of the top three student leaders. To meet the leaders of this year’s Academy, please click here.

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