3 Reasons Why I Support Congressman Doug Lamborn(R-CO)


Congressman Doug Lamborn(R) has earned my support and vote in the race for the Colorado Congressional District 5 GOP nomination.  Here are 3 reasons why.

1) Lamborn’s voting record is solid and reliably conservative.

His strong voting record has proven consistent and faithful to the freedom principles which originally made America the most exceptional nation in history.  See it for yourself.  Below, I’ve included an extensive listing of Lamborn’s voting record in the 112th Congress, as well as independent ratings of Congressional lawmakers.  Based on his voting record, Lamborn consistently ranks as top conservative in Congress.

2)  Lamborn actively and personally reaches out to his constituents.

Congressman Lamborn has repeatedly reached out to “grassroots” and “tea party” citizens in our local community.  He has set aside as much time as necessary to not only listen to our concerns, but asks questions and actively seeks ways he can get involved with more of his concerned constituents.  Furthermore, he has actively reached out to local small business owners in an attempt to learn how laws are actually affecting them.  He is a lawmaker who proves he wants to know what’s important to his constituents.

3)  Lamborn is a rare, genuine Republican leader.

Yes, I wrote “Republican” leader.  A strong and effective Republican party, one which can actually defeat both the liberal agenda and Democrat candidates, is an active, steadfast, conservative party which defends all the issues.  Congressman Lamborn is one of very few lawmakers in the current Colorado GOP who actually understands and legislates on all the issues, based upon America’s founding principles and the original intents of our founding fathers.  There are lots of Colorado Republicans elected to public office, from the most local levels on up to the Congressional level.  But there are very few who lead based on our nation’s comprehensive founding principles of free markets, strong national defense, and protection of our individual God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Congressman Lamborn is one of these very few Republicans.  Colorado needs Congressman Lamborn’s continued and resolute example of what it really means to be a Republican.

Your vote for Lamborn is needed in these tumultuous times.

Our nation is at its most critical crossroads in its history.  Freedom’s fate could be decided in November 2012, and freedom needs serious, dedicated protection in these uncertain times.  I have full faith and confidence that Congressman Lamborn will continue to fight to preserve and restore America’s freedom.  If you are a Republican who is eligible to vote in the June primary, I urge you to vote for Doug Lamborn as the GOP nominee to Colorado’s Congressional District 5.


Legislation Sponsored by Congressman Lamborn

Current Session (2011-Present)

H.R.68 : To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit Federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after fiscal year 2013.

H.R.69 : To prohibit Federal funding of certain public radio programming, to provide for the transfer of certain public radio funds to reduce the public debt, and for other purposes.

H.R.1076 : To prohibit Federal funding of National Public Radio and the use of Federal funds to acquire radio content. Passed House 228-192

H.R.2011 : National Strategic and Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2011

H.R.2348 : EMP Weapons Accountability Assessment Act

H.R.3408 : PIONEERS Act Passed the House 237-187

H.R.3778 : Budget Before Borrowing Act of 2012

H.R.4046 : Schoolchildren’s Health Protection Act

H.R.4073 : To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to accept the quitclaim, disclaimer, and relinquishment of a railroad right of way within and adjacent to Pike National Forest in El Paso County, Colorado, originally granted to the Mt. Manitou Park and Incline Railway Company pursuant to the Act of March 3, 1875. Subcommittee hearings held on 4/17/12

H.R.4107 : World War I American Veterans Centennial Commemorative Coin Act

H.R.4233 : Map It Once, Use It Many Times Act Subcommittee hearings held on 5/3/12

H.R.4383 : Streamlining Permitting of American Energy Act of 2012 Ordered to be Reported (Amended) by the Yeas and Nays: 25 – 15. This is one of the final steps before a bill comes out of committee for a vote by the House. 

H.R.4386 : Budget for Disasters Act of 2012

H.RES.67 : To amend the Rules of the House of Representatives to prohibit bills and joint resolutions from containing more than one subject.

H.RES.291 : Urging the expedient relocation of the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

H.RES.296 : Expressing support for peaceful demonstrations and universal freedoms in Syria and condemning the human rights violations by the Assad Regime.

H.RES.489 : Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas.

H.AMDT.1131 to H.R.4310 An amendment numbered 50 printed in House Report 112-485 to limit the availability of funds for Cooperative Threat Reduction activities with Russia until the Secretary of Defense can certify that Russia is no longer supporting the Syrian regime and is not providing to Syria, North Korea or Iran any equipment or technology that contributes to the development of weapons of mass destruction. HR 4310 passed the House 299-120


Congressman Lamborn’s Voting Record in 112th Congress

Voted to REPEAL ObamaCare (H.R 2) Passed 245-189

Voted to REDUCE non-defense spending to 2008 or less levels (H.R. 38) Passed 256-165

Voted to ELIMINATE taxpayer funding of presidential elections and party conventions (H.R. 359) Passed 239-160

Voted to RETURN $179 million overpaid to the United Nations Tax Equalization Fund (H.R. 519) Passed 259-169

Voted to ELIMINATE the taxpayer funded Emergency Mortgage Relief Program (H.R. 836) Passed 242-177

Voted to ELIMINATE the taxpayer funded FHA Refinance Program (H.R. 830) Passed 256-171

Voted to ELIMINATE the taxpayer funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program (H.R. 861) Passed 242-182

Voted to PREVENT the EPA from levying any new taxes or regulations dealing with climate change (H.R. 910) Passed 255-172

Voted to REPEAL mandatory federal funding to set-up state healthcare exchanges (H.R. 1238) Passed 238-183

Voted to CUT, CAP, AND BALANCE the federal budget (H.R. 2560) Passed 234-190

Voted to EXPEDITE the approval and construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline (H.R. 1938) Passed 279-147

Voted to PROHIBIT the National Labor Relations Board from ordering the closure or relocation of a business (H.R. 2587) Passed 238-186

Voted to EMPOWER parents through quality charter schools (H.R. 2218) Passed 365-54

Voted to PROTECT life (H.R. 358) Passed 251-172

Voted to IMPLEMENT the US-Korea Trade Agreement (H.R. 3080) Passed 278-151

Voted to IMPLEMENT the US-Panama Trade Agreement (H.R. 3079) Passed 300-129

Voted to IMPLEMENT the US-Colombia Trade Agreement (H.R. 3078) Passed 262-167

Voted to AFFIRM “In God We Trust” as the official motto of the USA (H.R. 13) Passed 396-9

Voted to IMPLEMENT national right-to-carry reciprocity (H.R. 822) Passed 272-154

Voted to PROTECT privacy in union elections (H.R. 3094) Passed 235-188

Voted to PROPOSE a balanced budget constitutional amendment (Joint Resolution 2) Passed 261-165

Voted to PUNISH individuals who proliferate dangerous materials to Iran, North Korea, or Syria (H.R. 2105) Passed 418-2

Voted to PUNISH individuals who proliferate dangerous materials to Iran, North Korea, or Syria (H.R. 2105) Passed 418-2

Voted to STRENGTHEN sanctions against Iran (H.R. 1905) Passed 410-11

Voted to STOP Congressmen from trading on insider stock knowledge (H.R. 2038) Passed 417-2

Voted to RESTORE the line-item veto for budget issues (H.R. 3521) Passed 254-173

Voted to PREVENT overreach by the Department of Education into institutions of higher learning (H.R. 2117) Passed 303-114

Voted to PROTECT recreation hunting, fishing, and shooting (H.R. 4089) Passed 274-146

Voted to SUPPORT the Paul Ryan 2013 Republican Budget Plan (House Continuing Resolution 112) Passed 228-191

Voted AGAINST extended and prolonging government subsidized student loan debt (H.R. 4628) Passed 215-195

Voted to CUT small business taxes (H.R. 9) Passed 235-173

Voted to REMOVE automatic and massive defense cuts under “sequester plan” (H.R. 5652) Passed 218-199


Congressman Lamborn’s Congressional Committee Assignments

House Committee on Natural Resources

  • Chairman of the Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee

House Armed Services Committee

  • Subcommittee on Strategic Forces
  • Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces

House Committee on Veterans Affairs

  • Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs


Congressman Lamborn’s Service in the Colorado State Legislature

Before being elected to Congress, Congressman Lamborn served in the Colorado House from 1995 to 1998, where he was elected Republican Whip in 1997.  In 1998 he was elected to the Colorado State Senate where he served for nine years.  During his tenure Lamborn was elected President Pro-tem by his colleagues.  He also served as Chairman of the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee and was Republican Caucus Chairman.  Congressman Lamborn also served on the Appropriations Committee in both the House and Senate for a total of nine years.  Congressman Lamborn feels his greatest achievement while serving in Denver was to sponsor and pass the largest tax cut in the history of Colorado.


Congressman Lamborn’s Ratings, Listings, & Awards

  • “Most Conservative Member of Congress” – National Journal Magazine
  • Americans for Prosperity …… A+
  • American Conservative Union …… 100%
  • National Taxpayer Union ……”Taxpayer’s Friend Award”
  • Club For Growth …… 100%
  • Open Doors USA …… 100%
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce ……“Spirit of Enterprise” Award


Other Endorsements for Congressman Lamborn

  • Congressman Allen West
  • Congressman Paul Ryan
  • Weld County DA Ken Buck
  • State Senator Kevin Grantham
  • State Senator Kent Lambert
  • Former State Senator Dave Schultheis
  • Dr. James Dobson, Phd.
  • National Rifle Association
  • National Right To Life
  • Family Research Council Action – 100% rating
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition


Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.

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