MSNBC Interviews Michelle at the RNC [VIDEO]


Great opportunity to reach the audience I want to speak with the most. Press play: Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy. See original MSNBC Post “Women Share Their Reasons for Being at the Republican National Convention” by John Brecher here. ——————————- Michelle Morin is …

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From a GOP Delegate Insider – Thoughtful Summary About the RNC Event & the Rules Fiasco


From a Colorado GOP delegate, here’s a very thorough and thoughtful summary of what happened inside the RNC last week, specifically regarding the rules change fiasco.  For a full understanding of why this information is so critical to all Republicans, be sure to also view a revealing video here.   Anil Mathai’s …

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Beyond Sad, THIS is an OUTRAGE — WATCH the GOP Burn the Vote at the RNC [VIDEO]


Continued from last post…. Watch the GOP power grabbers light the match to freedom’s grassroots backbone within the party right here. How much more proof is needed? Upon taking a sound call floor vote of the new rules, John Boehner declared the new resolution adopted – but both the “ayes” and the …

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RNC CO Delegation SPLIT while TX & Other States Lead Fight for Individual's Influence in GOP Presidential Elections


Does the Colorado GOP delegation support the power and influence of the individual… or does it prefer a more tyrannical top-down party? Well, shock.  The big RNC brawl is on, and as of right now Colorado can’t claim unity and solidarity against power-grabbers who would strip individuals of their influence …

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