Presidential Election 2012

Undercover from the DNC: Let's Ban Profits! [VIDEO]


If it’s been unclear what Democrats really believe about profits, Peter Schiff gets some revealing coverage from inside the DNC to clarify. Watch the logic stop where the greed begins. h/t Gloria Dyet ——————————- Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for …

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From a GOP Delegate Insider – Thoughtful Summary About the RNC Event & the Rules Fiasco


From a Colorado GOP delegate, here’s a very thorough and thoughtful summary of what happened inside the RNC last week, specifically regarding the rules change fiasco.  For a full understanding of why this information is so critical to all Republicans, be sure to also view a revealing video here.   Anil Mathai’s …

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Beyond Sad, THIS is an OUTRAGE — WATCH the GOP Burn the Vote at the RNC [VIDEO]


Continued from last post…. Watch the GOP power grabbers light the match to freedom’s grassroots backbone within the party right here. How much more proof is needed? Upon taking a sound call floor vote of the new rules, John Boehner declared the new resolution adopted – but both the “ayes” and the …

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RNC CO Delegation SPLIT while TX & Other States Lead Fight for Individual's Influence in GOP Presidential Elections


Does the Colorado GOP delegation support the power and influence of the individual… or does it prefer a more tyrannical top-down party? Well, shock.  The big RNC brawl is on, and as of right now Colorado can’t claim unity and solidarity against power-grabbers who would strip individuals of their influence …

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Yikes! Mitt is Historically the LEAST Popular Presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee

Well gee, I could have told you that. But Gallup’s got evidence. An April 4-9 Gallup poll surveying Republicans and GOP-leaning Independents showed Romney has 42% support of these voters, which is “historically low for a winning candidate.”   More from Gallup’s poll analysis: “Romney’s 42% support in the final 2012 nomination preference …

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Michelle Speaks to Support Newt at 2012 Colorado GOP State Assembly [VIDEO]

I was honored to speak as a surrogate for GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich at the 2012 Colorado GOP State Assembly on Saturday, April 14th. Here’s the full video of my speech: Here‘s the blog post with the data to which I referred in the speech. ———————————– Michelle Morin is a …

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