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VIDEO: Ex-Liberal ACORN WhistleBlower Anita MonCrief Shares Her Brave Story with Colorado


In case you missed my presentation of “Occupy Unmasked with Anita MonCrief” in Colorado Springs last week, here’s the Q&A with Anita portion of this event.  Special thanks to David Elsass for taking time to attend and video tape this discussion. Here’s Anita MonCrief. More about Anita. “My transition [to …

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Occupy Denver Fails, then Splits, after Trying to Storm Us at BlogCon 2011

Had a great weekend at FreedomWorks BlogCon 2011. Occupy Denver tried storming us, but quickly found themselves surrounded, outnumbered, and learned that America’s conservative bloggers won’t be bullied. Watch as my BlogCon friends actually got these squats laughing, then chased them off. Video from RunawaySlaveMovie.com: There was one arrest, video …

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