National Crisis

Obama’s Deal with Iran Aligning America with Evil


We have witnessed much over the last eight years. Everyone knows of the promised “fundamental transformation” and while some still see it as political rhetoric many understand it involves destroying America’s foundations through a forced change in American demographics, massive and unsustainable spending, the abandonment of our Constitution, and attacks on our …

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The President Demonizes America's Good Old Days of Pre-Financial Crisis

The President’s socialist agenda is no secret to anyone halfway familiar with that economic and political system.  He’s more brazen about it each time he speaks. However, one might expect that a cunning socialist (i.e., one who is “fundamentally transforming” a capitalist nation into a socialist one), would smoothly and seductively paint the …

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"The Zionist-Jews Need To Be Run Out" – From Occupy LA

istock racism

I talk to a whole lot of folks who consider themselves “tea party” supporters.  In three years I haven’t heard a single racial slur from them. On the other hand…. Occupy Wall Street’s been “occupying” for a month across the country, and here’s one of their unashamed Occupiers ranting her anti-Semitic beliefs.  She also …

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Overdose – Watch it Here and Now

Want to understand the current financial crisis and its causes?  If so, watch this award-winning film, “Overdose.” I doubt you’ll find a more comprehensive account of how we got into this mess. If you like the movie, then go “like” the  movie’s Facebook page here. From the Overdose Facebook Page: In times …

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Outcomes of Egyptian Crisis not Trivial

This post is taken in its entirety from Stratfor, a website dedicated to global intelligence and analysis.  By George Friedman Related Special Topic Page The Egypt Unrest: Full Coverage  It is not at all clear what will happen in the Egyptian revolution. It is not a surprise that this is happening. …

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Pay Attention to the Crisis in Egypt

What started as a protest by average Egyptians crying out for freedom has turned into an international crisis worthy of  attention and prayer.  Egypt’s crisis has created a ripe opportunity for radical Muslim leadership to co-opt the protest, step into power and gain a stronghold over a mideast nation, and strengthen the presence and …

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