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Like a True Dictator, CO Governor Hickenlooper Signing Gun Bills Into Law Which Won't Be Enforced

by Bob Adelmann Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is going to sign new gun bills into law today even though he knows they won’t be enforced. That’s the mindset of a dictator. This reminds me of the Townsend Acts passed by King George III. He knew they were unenforceable and that they would enrage …

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VIDEO: Ex-Liberal ACORN WhistleBlower Anita MonCrief Shares Her Brave Story with Colorado


In case you missed my presentation of “Occupy Unmasked with Anita MonCrief” in Colorado Springs last week, here’s the Q&A with Anita portion of this event.  Special thanks to David Elsass for taking time to attend and video tape this discussion. Here’s Anita MonCrief. More about Anita. “My transition [to …

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Obama – If you've got a biz, you're not so smart and you didn't build it, somebody else made THAT happen [VIDEO]

Obama - you didn't build your own biz

Obama’s never even owned his own business. But he sure wants his audience to believe that his brand of tyranny would be the only source of entrepreneurial intelligence for successful dolts like us. Yep, he really said it: “If you’ve been successful you didn’t get there on your own.  … …

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