UPDATE: Colorado State Patrol Officer Clarifies Questions About "Sovereign Citizens" & "Targeting Christians"

by Michelle Morin Colorado citizens were justifiably alarmed to hear that an outgoing Colorado State Patrol officer (who reportedly is changing his career path into the Department of Homeland Security) held an April 1st 2-hour training segment for Lamar-area local law enforcement describing its efforts defining and dealing with “sovereign …

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Colorado State Patrol – Christians Need to be Watched, Treated with Caution

by Michelle Morin UPDATE to this story 4/17/13: Colorado State Patrol Officer Clarifies Questions About “Sovereign Citizens” & “Targeting Christians” UPDATE to this story 4/11/13:  Colorado State Patrol Training UPDATE – Responses from Prowers County Sheriff & the CSP When it comes to freedom, things are changing fast and for …

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Hallelujah! HE is risen!


by Bob Adelmann On this special day – no, more than that: the most important day, the central, pivotal day in all of human history, may I offer you this comforting prayer by Phillips Brooks: Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer: Death is strong but Life is stronger; Stronger …

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