Trump is Whooping Big Evil on the World Stage in a Short Time Like Nobody I’ve Seen Yet – The Michelle Morin Show 5/11/2018 Part 1

Trump and 3 NK Prisoners

Who kills the Iraninan nuclear deal, arrests the Top 5 Most Wanted ISIS leaders, welcomes home 3 American prisoners from North Korea, and presides over a raging economy, all in the same week?   President Donald Trump, that’s who.  This man has accomplished more for good in the world in …

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Obama’s Deal with Iran Aligning America with Evil


We have witnessed much over the last eight years. Everyone knows of the promised “fundamental transformation” and while some still see it as political rhetoric many understand it involves destroying America’s foundations through a forced change in American demographics, massive and unsustainable spending, the abandonment of our Constitution, and attacks on our …

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Obama – If you've got a biz, you're not so smart and you didn't build it, somebody else made THAT happen [VIDEO]

Obama - you didn't build your own biz

Obama’s never even owned his own business. But he sure wants his audience to believe that his brand of tyranny would be the only source of entrepreneurial intelligence for successful dolts like us. Yep, he really said it: “If you’ve been successful you didn’t get there on your own.  … …

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Communist Grinches Rant Same Chant in North Korea AND America

Grinches Who Would Kill – Communists Communist North Korea is threatening to retaliate with “unexpected consequences” against the  enemy warmongering” South Korea, over a “mean attempt for psychological warfare scheme.” What’s the South’s “scheme?” A Seoul church group wants to erect Christmas tree lights atop a 98-foot-tall tower which sits …

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