Colorado Elections

#SaveTheCoSenate — What Will it Take to Save Colorado from Losing our Voice, our Rights, our Freedom? — Red Flag Gun Grab Law passes underneath the radar

No Marxism in Colorado

A barrage of dangerous Marxist ideas are quietly and quickly taking hold here in the Colorado legislature, with one small obstacle in their way:  the single seat GOP majority in the Colorado Senate.  Constitutional rights in Colorado hang by this seat, and the Democrat push to take that seat back …

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You'll be Paying $48/Hour for ObamaCare "Navigators" to Steer Your HealthCare Decisions [VIDEO]

Betsy McCaughey in Fox News interview with Stuart Varney

by Michelle Morin Now the REAL nightmare of ObamaCare begins to unfold. Starting October 1st, that beastly bureaucracy we call ObamaCare will be employing tens of thousands of “navigators.”  These navigators will be hired based on their race and ethnicity, and will be paid with your tax dollars from $24 …

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Colorado Lawmakers – Secret Service Must Arrest Local Sheriffs for Failing to Enforce an Unenforceable Law


by Bob Adelmann The furor over the signing into law of Senate Bill 13-013 earlier this week by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper went viral following the publishing of an article by Mike Opelka at  Opelka suggested that the new law could be “used to arrest or force county sheriffs to …

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Colorado State Senator Lambert Introduces Bill Encouraging "Gun-Free Zones" to Allow Legal Self-Defense


“Gun-free zones” is how businesses advertise their defenseless customers as sitting ducks for any criminals who would open fire upon them.   Remember the horrific 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater tragedy?  That was a “gun-free zone,” hand-picked by the shooter from several theaters in his community.  He bypassed other theaters for …

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From a GOP Delegate Insider – Thoughtful Summary About the RNC Event & the Rules Fiasco


From a Colorado GOP delegate, here’s a very thorough and thoughtful summary of what happened inside the RNC last week, specifically regarding the rules change fiasco.  For a full understanding of why this information is so critical to all Republicans, be sure to also view a revealing video here.   Anil Mathai’s …

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