The Movement to Turn our Boys into Wimps and Rid us of “Toxic Masculinity” Takes Aim at Kindergartners

Clint Walker X

I’m gravely concerned about the septic values which the left is actively trying to impose upon our youth’s conscience.  There’s a university professor who wants to implement K-12 programs that would combat “toxic masculinity.”  There’s an actress who dares to say that because her fans don’t appreciate her murderous movie …

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“Democrat Race-Baiters Manipulate and Intimidate in Order to Dominate!” – Diamond and Silk join the Michelle Morin Show and they are fired up!

diamond and silk

Who are the gatekeepers of the Democrat Plantation?  Diamond and Silk joined me today to talk about it, as well as that distasteful Roseanne Barr tweet, and about the record low black unemployment numbers with President Trump. These ladies are as fired up as they’ve ever been.  You don’t want …

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