Are Your Kids Being Targeted for Trafficking? (YES THEY ARE) Join Bazzel Baz in Colorado Springs


Today’s event is continuing as scheduled.  We will of course be taking abundant common sense precautions to maintain safe distances overall.   Baz will not be shaking hands, and Q&A will happen during the presentation.  A bucket of Clorox wipes will be available.  

In every zip code, students of all ages are being targeted by very sophisticated predators for the purpose of selling and reselling them as sex slaves. Often, when these predators acquire students, their trafficking takes place “in plain sight,” such that friends, family, and onlookers never know that it’s happening. Because the traffickers have developed such adept techniques, they have in some cases learned how to successfully enslave students without physically kidnapping them, and in a way that their victims’ lives don’t appear to be disrupted. Instead, they control and keep their victims silent using bribery, threats, drugs, and unseen physical abuse.

This trafficking of American children has become an extremely lucrative and easy business model which is growing so rapidly that its revenue stream is projected to quickly surpass that of the entire illegal drug market. In their thriving commercial enterprise, there is no discrimination of victims based on demographics, gender, race, or age for either the traffickers or their victims. Predators look for their victims in every zip code of America, and our own students are not exempt.




Professional Child Rescuer and Anti-Trafficking Expert Bazzel Baz is going to be at Liberty Tree Academy to share more about this widespread threat within our schools and students’ lifestyles. As President and Founder of The Association for Recovery of Children, Baz has been rescuing children since 1993 with a 100% success rate. His world-wide anti-trafficking team is second to none. You might recognize Baz as an actor on NBC’s Blacklist. His background as both a CIA Operations Officer and Marine Counter-terrorism Officer lend unique experience to his rescue operations.

For school staffs, parents, and students.


Please join us. We must talk about this now to understand how it happens and know what to look for. Otherwise, the traffickers have an easy pass to any of our kids. Let’s refuse to give them that pass.


Do your students or children use any apps, media or go online for games and videos? 95% of them do whether you know it or not…whether parents allow it or not.

Do your students want belonging, identity…attention, popularity? They do whether parents realize it or not.

Would any of your students or children go for a quick thrill, a joy ride in a hot car, a cash gift, a glam shopping spree, VIP backstage passes to a concert, a photo shoot, an exclusive party, dancing, alcohol, weed, guns, meeting celebrities…or how about passionate romance…how about true love? Many of them would whether you think so or not.

Your students and children are rubbing digital shoulders every day with safe-looking, age-appropriate-looking “friends,” some of whom are actually child predators and professional con artists. They know what your child feels, likes and desires, trusts and how to serve it up in a way they’ll go for.

These predators will make a loser out of parents in your children’ minds and make themselves seem like the answer to everything your child and student thinks they want. These are real, flesh-and-blood child hunters, completely proficient at getting ahold of other people’s children. They are determined to make a parent’s worst nightmare come true.

If you as school staff, parents and older students are not trained, you probably won’t see any of this coming. You will be baffled when your child stops talking to you, starts yelling at you and then takes off…just like most of the parents who call ARC for help.

We can teach you how to prevent this from happening to you and your students and children.


Bazzel Baz in Colorado Springs

Saturday – March 14th

10am – 1130am

Liberty Tree Academy

8579 Eastonville Road

Peyton, CO  80831

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